The Valor HS Eagles Get Their Talons on Some Custom Mouth Guards

August 15, 2017

Football season is coming up, and smart players know their teeth are vulnerable.

Castle Pines Dental Group recently had the pleasure of creating custom guards for the Eagles at Valor Christian High School. We outfitted some members of the football team with free custom guards.

When you play sports, it’s crucial to protect your teeth with a mouth guard that fits properly. We had fun crafting these guards for the football team and we were happy to serve our local community.

Take a look at these behind-the-scenes pictures:

Always Remember to Protect Your Teeth

It’s a good idea to armor up with a mouth guard any time you partake in an activity that involves blows to the head, falls, or flying projectiles. Your teeth can be damaged or broken if something hits you directly in the mouth, but if you fall and your teeth slam together, this can also cause dangerous damage.

We wish the Valor Eagles a safe and fun football season! If you need a custom mouth guard for your autumn activities, contact Castle Pines Dental Group and Dr. Salas will be able to help!